West-Trans has long been known for its durable, quality hook lifts and loaders. As part of our commitment to providing gold-standard solutions to the transport industry, we continue to increase and improve our range of products. Allow us to introduce the West-Transcover HyCover, a pneumatically operated tarp cover that makes protecting a truckload, both on-site and on the move, simple, easy and incredibly effective.

The HyCover is designed to work with the range of West-Trans dog trailers, hook lifts, and skip loaders and quickly and efficiently cover the truck’s load. Consider how much time and energy is spent each day on a manual tarping system, especially for larger vehicles. Instead, with the West-Transcover HyCover, your load is protected with the simple press of a button.

A Legacy of Quality and Durability

West-Trans has been under current ownership since 1994, in our 30th year, business is better than ever. Over this time, West-Trans Equipment has become synonymous with providing durable, quality performance hook lifts and loaders. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, and several trusted dealers in partnership with us all over the country, West-Trans is Australia’s industry-leading supplier of transport machinery.

Our growth and success come from our drive for innovation and providing the utmost value, service and support for our customers, while providing cost-effective solutions for transport problems. The HyCover lives up to this established reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Built in England, each HyCover is built to meet harsh Australian standards in rain, hail, or (swelteringly hot) shine. No matter your industry, the HyCover provides durable and reliable coverage, including waste and recycling operations.

Tried and tested across some of the most demanding areas of the Australian transport industry, including waste and recycling operations, you can trust that the HyCover gives you every competitive advantage.

Top Reasons to Choose West-Transcover HyCover for Your Business

West-Trans stands proudly by its products and customers and has done so for decades. We work alongside the industry to improve and extend our products so that you can manage your day-to-day activities knowing that you are in good hands. From our choice of materials, our included options, and our personalised touch for your peace of mind, our expertise means that West-Trans Equipment is your partner in transportation.

We’re incredibly proud of the West-Transcover HyCover and what it means for our customers. The HyCover has a range of benefits, such as being:

  • Being pneumatically operated for ease of operation
  • Saving time and manpower with the simple press of a button
  • Providing optimal protection for all loads in all conditions
  • Being designed to suit West-Trans dog trailers, hook lifts and skip loaders
  • Meeting Australian standards for safety and quality
  • Having a low tare weight (almost half the weight of old-fashioned hydraulic tarp set-ups), so you’re not reducing your truck’s payload to compensate for heavy equipment.

Who Benefits from Using the West-Transcover HyCover

The safety benefits of using the HyCover also cannot be overstated. Carrying dirt and sand at high speeds, such as on highways or motorways, may cause dust to pick up and drift into traffic behind the truck, obscuring the vision of other motorists. High winds may do the same at lower speeds, potentially causing grit and particles to disperse in public or on the job site. Far more concerning than simple grit is for those transporting asbestos.

According to Australian regulations, transporters of asbestos are legally required to both register their travel from pick-up to disposal AND securely cover the load to prevent fibres from escaping. With a HyCover, the hazardous load can be covered without climbing onto the truck bed and coming face to face with the load.

With such a range of benefits on offer, consider adding the versatility of a West-Transcover HyCover to your fleet.

Experience the West-Transcover HyCover Yourself

When considering tarp systems for your fleet of vehicles, you can’t go past the West-Transcover HyCover. Interested in booking a demonstration of this innovative tarp option for your vehicle? Get in touch with us through our online contact form or call our office on 1300 877 411 and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

West-Trans is proudly family-owned and now in our third generation, we are as committed as ever to helping businesses get the most efficiency out of their transport equipment. Whatever load you’re transporting, in whatever size containers, against whatever elements, West-Trans can help your business needs. So, if you are looking for a quality solution for your transport services or would like to book a demonstration of the West-Transcover HyCover, contact us today.