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DS 40 Bi-Fold Skip Loader

An ideal solution for tighter operations spaces and smaller building sites, including inner-city and suburban works, the West-Trans DS 40 Bi-Fold provides compact functionality without sacrificing usability. The inclusion of a standard 3.85M deck ensures ease of use, while the shape and size of the DS 40 Bi-Fold is optimised to work in hard-to-reach and low-clearance spaces with ease. If you’re looking for a versatile skip loader on the more compact side, this option may be the best fit for your upcoming projects.

The smaller nature of the DS 40 Bi-Fold makes it an ideal gap filler where a larger truck won’t fit, but a compact solution can’t quite get the job done. A total carrying capacity of 4,000kg provides plenty of functionality for a range of works. At the same time, bi-fold arms add to the flexibility of this particular model to make it a functional addition to a range of sites.


  • Lifting capacity of 4,000kg
  • Bi-Fold arms
  • Low tare weight, high payload
  • 3.85m deck length

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