• BE SAFE at all times. Safety always comes first in our workshop.
  • BE EFFICIENT at what you do. Find ways to manufacture more efficiently without cutting corners.
  • TAKE PRIDE in the quality and craftsmanship of your work.
  • BE LOYAL to coworkers and to the company. We are a family business and respect for each other should be valued above all else.


West-Trans Equipment aims to continually be a leader in the Australian manufacturing industry and promote Australian jobs, safety and sustainability while making no compromises in delivering a tough and reliable product.


In 2021, West-Trans installed solar systems across all three of their factories at their main facility in Mulgrave, NSW, generating enough power to run operations there entirely from solar. Further, West-Trans are constantly upgrading their manufacturing equipment and methods to the latest technologies, increasing efficiencies, and reducing energy usage. These, along with other practices is how West-Trans are contributing towards environmental sustainability in Australian manufacturing.
In addition to this, West-Trans promote a safe working environment in an aim of zero harm to its employees but are also constantly finding ways to be innovative with safety features on the machines they build to bring zero harm to our customers and operators of the final product.

We believe that these things combined, and if other manufacturing organizations in Australia prioritize sustainability practices, will contribute towards keeping the manufacturing industry alive in Australia.