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Quad-Axle Dog Trailer

The quad-axle version of the West-Trans Dog Trailer provides plenty of additional stability to increase your payload reliably. Designed to live up to the rough and tumble nature of hook lift truck transport, these unique trailers provide ample storage with low overall weight, allowing for easy
and effective transport from A to B.

Every quad-axle dog trailer can be customised, from the number of axles used to the choice of tippable and non-tippable options to suit your specific needs and requirements. In addition to existing operations or a purchase alongside our hook lifts, these invaluable and robust solutions add value from the first job. Every quad-axle dog trailer is crafted by highly skilled engineers from high tensile steel and suitable components for the best possible product.


  • Tipping capacity of 22,000kg
  • Aggregate trailer mass of 35,000kg
  • Tare weight of 5,800kg (approx.)
  • Multiple axle options

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