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Built Tough In Australia

Our special builds are purpose-designed equipment tailored to the goals and requirements of your business and operations. These include our customisable dog trailers, increasing space and reducing the need for repeat trips. For other bespoke unique build solutions, contact our team directly to discuss how we can help you.

West-Trans dog trailers are the market-leading choice across Australia, including Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Trailer Image Trailer Name Tipping Capacity Aggregate Trailer Mass Tare Weight Additional Features
Tri-Axle Dog Trailer 22,000kg 25,500kg 4,800kg (approx.) Multiple axle options
Quad-Axle Dog Trailer 22,000kg 35,000kg 5,800kg (approx.) Multiple axle options

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Need help finding the custom build that will fit your specifications? Our team of friendly and professional experts are ready to answer your questions and help you find the right solution commercial needs.