Over our years of operation, our team at West-Trans has worked with reliable dealers and reputable service companies across the Australian territories to provide the best standard of service to our customers. Our authorised dealer network ensures that, whoever you buy West-Trans products from, you’re guaranteed the same standard of care and customer satisfaction we would provide directly.

We currently have a comprehensive network and machine dealers in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. All of our dealers are hand-picked for the quality of service and professionalism they deliver to our customers. Find your local dealer below to get started, or get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you find the best dealer for your needs.

If you’re a machine dealership in Australia and you’re interested in becoming a West-Trans authorised dealer, get in touch with our team directly today. We’re always looking for reliable, customer-focused partners to bring our machinery to more people across the country.