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Our West-Trans hook lifts, skip loaders, trailers, and tarping systems are the leading Australian equipment of choice in the loading and lifting industry.

As the most experienced Australian company in the hook lift and skip loader market, we have spent 25 years continually learning and perfecting our equipment to deliver the highest levels of quality and innovation.

Our technology is cutting-edge, and we are committed to providing quality in every part of your buying and servicing journey with us.

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What Makes Our Equipment Different

Built Tough for Victoria

Melbourne weather can be brutal and reach both extremes. Our equipment is designed tough to handle whatever Melbourne throws at it.

We know Melbourne faces everything from cold snaps to fires and heat waves, and we ensure our equipment is made to withstand and excel no matter what conditions you are working in. All our machines are designed for durable, long-term use.

Hook Lifts

We are proud to offer the only Australian-made West-Trans hook lifts in Melbourne. Additionally, our range of hook lifts is extensive, with options to suit every need. So whether you need a small, versatile solution for tight access spaces or a large, heavy duty operator, we have the equipment to match.

Our hook lift features include:

  • A wide range of sizes and options to suit any truck or operation
  • Constructed with high-tensile steel for durability and strength
  • Every hook lift complies with Australian Standards, ADRs and codes
  • We use the latest lifting and hydraulic technology, making our hook lifts the most powerful and reliable on the market
  • All our machines are protected by an anti corrosive primer base and two coats of black paint
TDA0010 HL06

Skip Loaders

TDA0010 DS120s skip loader

Our West Trans skip loaders come with superior strength, innovative technology and long-term durability. If you are looking for a skip loader in Melbourne, our wide range of options will have something to match your commercial needs.

We have options to fit small trucks for tight spaces or supersized, powerful options for heavy duty work.

Our skip loader features include:

  • Low arm fold height for tight spaces and low clearances
  • Additional aluminium cylinder protection for durability
  • Radio remote control operation options (except in our largest size with cab controls)
  • Complimentary tarping system to cover and protect loads
  • Extended decks and designs options for each loader
  • Anti corrosion protection paint layer

Tarping Systems

Renowned for their lightweight, easy to use systems, our West-Trans tarping systems are market leaders in Melbourne.

We have three styles of tarping systems in our range, available for purchase in Melbourne and all across Victoria.

Our West Trans Tarping Systems:

  • The Double Cover Tarping System (for walking floor or tipping trailers)
  • The HyCover Tarping System (for dog trailers, hook lifts and skip loaders)
  • The Undercover Tarping System (for hook lift bins)
tarp tower

Dog Trailers

TDA0010 Dog Trailer

Our Australian team of engineering specialists can custom-build commercial West-Trans dog trailers to suit your business goals and requirements. With variations beginning with quad-axle or tri-axle configurations, we can purpose-build a trailer to suit your specific commercial needs.

Features of our West Trans Dog Trailers include:

  • A tipping capacity of 22,000kg
  • Tare weights of 4,800 – 5,800kg
  • Aggregate trailer mass of 25,500 – 35,000kg
  • Customisable tippable or non-tippable options
  • Crafted with high-tensile steel for unbeatable strength and durability
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by specialist engineers

Working equipment for commercial Melbourne teams

Melbourne is growing so quickly that it is tipped to be the biggest city in Australia by 2050.

Operating a commercial business in a growing city like Melbourne means you need quality equipment that you can rely on and a team of service specialists who can get you back on the road faster than the competition.

Our Australian-based company means no wait times or extra downtimes shipping in spare parts. Your customer support is done by local Australian experts who know and understand your business.

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