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HL-20A Hook Lift Truck

The West-Trans HL-20A combines the practicality of the industry-standard West-Trans HL-20 with additional articulation to improve performance and stability. Introducing an Australian-engineered articulating jib ensures the lifting hook remains in place during movement over the read axel while also offering a lower loading height to best suit on-site requirements.

A low bed design pedestal height offers excellent clearance from a lower elevation, with an excellent lifting capacity of 20,000kg and a varying bin length compatibility to improve upon versatility. Each HL-20A is created in Australia, designed by a specialist team of engineers, and manufactured with robust, high-tensile steel construction to provide consistent, high-quality daily use with no problems or delays.


  • Lifting capacity of 20,000kg
  • High tensile steel construction
  • Articulating jib
  • Manually adjustable hook height
  • Bin lengths 3,500 – 6,700mm

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