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Tri-Axle Dog Trailer

The ideal addition to hook lift truck setups, the West-Trans Tri-axle Dog Trailer provides ample space to improve efficiencies and reduce the need for repeat trips. Designed to live up to the hardwearing requirements of hook lift truck trips, their tri-axle trailers are available in entirely custom tipping and non-tipping options to suit specific needs and goals for your operations.

With an aggregate trailer mass of 25,500kg and a tare weight of approximately 4,800kg, the tri-axle dog trailer makes a significant difference in your payload without slowing down your workflows. Every one of our high-quality dog trailers is manufactured right here in Australia by specialist engineers, utilising high-quality components and high tensile steel to achieve equipment that makes a difference to your business.


  • Tipping capacity of 22,000kg
  • Aggregate trailer mass of 25,500kg
  • Tare weight of 4,800kg (approx.)
  • Multiple axle options

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