Whether you use a trailer, a skip loader or a hook lift truck, a tarping system is an essential feature for keeping your load contained. West-Trans Equipment is your electric tarping system expert, and we’re here to tell you how this feature will improve your business operations.

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What is a tarp system?

Tarp systems are designed to cover loads, tear-proof poly material designed to protect against sun and rain. The aim of the tarping systems is more to contain the load in the bin/container and stop any debris from flying out rather than protecting the load from the weather.

What is an electric tarp system?

An electric truck tarping system is an electric-powered means of providing cover to uncovered containers. The system is made up of components, including pulleys, cables, and motors, all of which are installed onto your truck or trailer.

How does it work on your truck or trailer?

Once you find the correct size and type of tarping system for your needs, it will be installed onto your truck or trailer. Most truck tarping systems are controlled wirelessly.

Does West-Trans offer a variety of electric tarp systems?

West-Trans understands that each vehicle and business has its own unique needs, and, therefore, we offer a range of different electric tarping systems. Depending on your type of vehicle or trailer, you’ll find certain tarp systems will work better for you.

Double cover tarp system

Best suited for walking floor and tipping trailers, the double cover tarp system is a huge time saver when you’re on a tight schedule. With both hydraulic and manual options, this is a versatile option for your tarping needs.


Best suited for dog trailers, hook lifts, and skip loaders, the HyCover is a pneumatically controlled, cost-effective solution.


If you have a hook-lift bin, then an undercover tarping system is your best option. This is a fast, efficient system that is easy to use, providing coverage at a moment’s notice.

Is there an alternative to an electric tarp system?

The main alternative to electric tarp is manual tarping systems, which require the tarp to be put over the trailer and secured by hand. Though cheaper than their electric counterparts, manual tarp systems require a lot of physical labour to use, therefore making them more dangerous, time-consuming and more likely to fail due to human error.

What are the benefits of having an electric tarp system for your truck or trailer?

1. Keep your load secure:

The last thing you want when transporting something is for anything to fall off your truck. A tarp provides an extra layer of support to prevent something from escaping.

2. Protects against the elements:

Weather can always be a little unpredictable, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared while out on a job.

3. Safety:

Avoiding manually applying tarp reduces the risk of injury to your employees. Electric tarping systems also remove the element of human error, therefore being more reliable.

4. Easy to use:

Electric tarps are designed to have a user-friendly operation, leading to less hassle for you and your employees.

5. More convenient:

If you need to adjust a manual tarping system, you’ll need to pull over and get out of the vehicle. Electric tarping systems can be operated and adjusted from within the vehicle, making them a much more convenient option when on the move.

6. Time-saving:

Covering a bulk steel trailer container can be surprisingly time-consuming and fiddly. Electric systems are noticeably faster than their manual equivalents.

7. Durable and long-lasting:

Your truck tarps are going to go through a lot every day, so we ensure our products can handle the demands of daily operations.

Why use West-Trans for your tarping systems

I’m Jim, owner and managing director of West-Trans equipment. I’ve been here for 27 years, located in Mulgrave, New South Wales. At West-Trans, we take great pride in being Australian manufacturers. Everything we produce here is manufactured locally here in New South Wales. We have a strong, dedicated team that takes great pride in what we manufacture, and we service it and support it locally. We can offer such a good customer service with the knowledge that our team has.

Need tarping? West-Trans have you covered!

Once you install an electric tarping system, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Easy to use, fast and reliable, the right electric tarping system will have you covered, no matter the conditions.

West-Trans Equipment is the name to remember for your tarping needs. We pride ourselves on Australian-made products built for Australian conditions. If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team or one of our suppliers today.