West-Trans is a quality local and national supplier of heavy machinery and vehicles. Beyond supporting your neighbour and the local economy, there are a range of benefits to purchasing from a local manufacturer. This includes skip loaders being specifically designed for Australian conditions and customers having an easy time with any warranty claims, among many other reasons.

TDA0010 DS40 skip loader

Main Benefits of Australian-Made Skip Loaders

The benefits of using Australian-made skip loaders are many, from Australian quality to the convenience of local finance and maintenance. Let’s have a look at why you should consider choosing an Australian-made skip loader over the overseas competition.

Products designed for Australian conditions

The quickest way to find out how unique Australia is, is to travel overseas to another country. Being a country of extreme weather conditions and challenging terrain, you want a skip loader you can rely on to get the job done, no matter what that job is. Australian-made skip loaders have a design better suited to what our environment can throw at them. This makes them more reliable and less likely to break down.

Shorter lead times

There is never a great time for needing new parts, and, in some cases, you need those replacement pieces yesterday. Working with a business from overseas means longer lead times as your parts must come from Europe or Asia. There are also the added shipping costs that come with overseas delivery, which can be quite significant with larger materials. Locally made parts won’t need to be transported as far, which means lower costs and downtime.

Warranty easier to claim

Making a warranty claim with an overseas company can have a range of complications. There are initial practical hurdles, such as time differences and language barriers, but beyond that, there are legal issues, as consumer laws can vary from country to country. Consumers in Australia are protected by Australian Consumer Law when they purchase from local businesses, and it is much easier to enforce these rights than it is with an international operation.

Easier to receive repairs and services

Skip loaders go through a lot, and, at some point, you’ll need to have them serviced or even repaired. Local businesses will have an easier time acquiring the necessary parts or information from a local manufacturer than an international one. There will be increased availability of what you need and a quicker service, meaning your skip loader’s downtime will be much shorter.

Local industry knows local laws

While overseas companies who conduct business in Australia are held accountable by Australian Consumer Law, there are also many legal grey areas. Depending on what your purchasing situation is, there are even some scenarios where overseas purchases won’t be covered by the ACL, which will leave you in a stressful situation should anything go wrong.

Quality products

There’s no denying that European companies make quality machinery and are renowned for their impressive workmanship. However, Australian-made equipment is not only made from the best materials, it is specifically designed to meet Australian standards and environmental conditions.

West-Trans is the local supplier you can trust

Buying your Australian-made skip loaders from local suppliers has a range of benefits. Along with purchasing a vehicle you know has been designed for local conditions, you have the added reassurance that it comes with a local warranty designed to meet both local needs and legal requirements.

West-Trans is your Australian-made heavy machinery specialist. Whether you’re after skip-loaders, dog trailers, hook-lifts or spare parts, we’ve got you covered. To discuss your options further, get in touch with our friendly team today!