When it comes to construction projects in Australia, choosing the right tarping system is absolutely essential. These systems, like the ones offered by West-Trans Equipment, are not just about containing the load within your trailer but also ensuring safety, efficiency, and durability. However, with the different types of tarping systems on the market, available in different sizes and made from different materials, you might be scratching your head over the best option for your needs and applications.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key considerations when looking to purchase a tarping system for your needs. We’ll also delve into the range of tarping systems provided by West-Trans Equipment, emphasising why they stand out in the market.

Why Invest in a Quality Commercial Truck Tarp System?

Before delving into the specifics of West-Trans tarping systems, it’s essential to understand the importance of investing in a high-quality commercial truck tarp system. These systems serve as durable, weatherproof covers that protect your truck’s load, trailer, or bin. Key features to look for when making your choice include:

  • Weather resistant: Australia is a land of extreme temperatures, so you need a canvas that’s up to the task. You’ll need a tarping system that can handle strong wind, storm damage, and the scorching sun.
  • Heavy Duty: A construction site is a place where you need strong products. Whether you’re hauling gravel or building materials, your tarping system needs to be heavy-duty to handle the task.
  • Safety and Security: One of the most important jobs of a tarping system is preventing anything from coming off the truck. For the safety of yourself and others, it’s essential you can rely on your system to be secure.

Our tarp systems really only go on scrap steel and rubbish trucks. They do not protect the load from water. The focus is really just on keeping the load contained within the bins / containers

Why West-Trans Tarping Systems Are the Best on the Market

West-Trans Equipment has a hard-earned reputation for providing top-notch tarping systems that align with the above considerations and will meet all your needs. Each of our systems is carefully designed, manufactured and tested to guarantee they can handle Australian conditions. Our tarp systems offer a range of benefits, making them an ideal choice for construction projects in Australia:

  • Ease of Use: West-Trans tarping systems are designed for user-friendliness, saving you the hassle of manual tarping and rope tying. This will increase productivity throughout the day and help avoid accidents.
  • Installation: West-Trans tarping systems are designed for easy installation, allowing you to install your system when required quickly.
  • Durability: Made from tear-proof materials, West-Trans tarping systems can withstand the wear and tear of demanding construction environments. It also means your system will last longer, ensuring you get value for money from your investment.

Rain, hail, or shine, you can rely on a West-Trans tarping system.

Selecting the Right West-Trans Tarping System

West-Trans Equipment offers several tarping systems tailored to different applications, so you’re sure to find the solution for you. Each business has its own unique needs and budget, so it’s important to choose the right system for your drivers. Consider the specific requirements of your construction project and the type of load you’ll be transporting. Here are some options to explore:

  • Double Cover Tarping System: Perfect for walking floor or tipping trailers, this system provides bulk tipper load security, efficient load containment, and tough tear-resistant netting.
  • HyCover Tarping System: A versatile option designed for dog trailers, hook lifts, and skip loaders, this system offers pneumatic mast control and a tear-resistant super mesh tarp. It’s cost-effective for those on a budget but still looking for value for money.
  • Undercover Tarping System: Specifically tailored for hook lift bins, this hydraulic system ensures fast, efficient load containment. It offers a light, simple operation, and it stows conveniently under the body.
blue skip bin with double cover

Get a Tarping System for Your Truck, Trailer, and Bin

West-Trans Equipment’s tarping systems are available through dealers across Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania. These dealers are dedicated to helping you find the best West-Trans tarping system that suits your unique business needs. Browse our options online or reach out for personalised assistance in selecting the ideal tarp system for your construction projects.

Selecting the right tarping system is a crucial decision for your project. West-Trans Equipment offers a variety of top-quality tarping systems that provide the durability, efficiency, and containment needed to ensure your project’s success. Be sure to consider the specific requirements of your project when choosing the most suitable tarping system from our offerings.
For more information on tarping systems or to discuss the perfect system for your needs, get in touch with our friendly, expert team at West Trans today!