Skip loaders are a vital piece of heavy machinery for various industries. Perfect for loading, transporting and dumping, a skip loader is a versatile machine that is handy for a wide range of jobs. Whether in construction, waste management, landscaping or other industries, a skip loader is a solid long-term investment that will boost your productivity. You can find Westp-Tran’s range of Skip Loaders here. Otherwise, look at the top five advantages a skip loader will bring your business.

1. Application Versatility

One of the main advantages of a skip loader is what a versatile piece of equipment it is. Easy to drive through different terrains, from suburbs to worksites, skip loaders quickly become the backbone of many businesses.

Construction and agricultural industries

Anyone on a construction site will know how quickly debris will build up over time. Agriculture is very much the same with the need to move materials, building debris, dirt, green waste and other heavy loads. A skip loader provides a simple solution: you can fill the bin and use your skip loader to take away the load at your convenience.

Ability to transport dirt and building materials.

Whether you need to get building materials to your site or remove excavated dirt, a skip loader provides an easy, efficient and safe way to transport your loads. Due to the impressive carrying capacity of a skip loader, you’ll cut down on the number of trips you’ll need to make and the transportation costs.

Ease of use compared to excavators.

As we’ll cover in depth in our next section, one of the great things about a skip loader is how easy and safe they are to use. Whereas an excavator requires a stack of training, a skip loader is easy to adapt to for anyone familiar with driving trucks.

2. User-Friendliness

Unlike other heavy machinery, a skip loader is easy to learn and use for the operators. Anyone familiar with driving a truck or heavy vehicle should be able to pick up how to use a skip loader. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways skip loaders are built with user-friendliness in mind.

Advancements in technology make skip loaders easier and safer to use

Technology is always advancing, and the humble skip loader isn’t being left behind. Improved features include safety cameras, remote control operation and easier-to-use controls to simplify each task, safer and more efficient.

Joystick-style control for improved simplicity of use

Easy to use joystick-style, allows maneuverability to safely and confidently move your bin to and from the deck of your truck. Skip loader arms can be operated from the controls, ensuring the operator is out of the bin helping avoid injury.

Increased performance and productivity

A skip loader will allow you to work smart, not hard, increasing your productivity tenfold. With telescopic arms and the versatility of the skip loader, picking up a heavy load will be easier than ever. More efficiency from your equipment equals more jobs done, meaning more productivity for your business.

Ability to work independently without human assistance.

Skip loaders are designed to perform their jobs with a single operator safely. A single operator can complete everything from attaching the bin to lifting onto the truck, allowing your employees to be more effectively used.

3. Great Visibility

Whenever heavy vehicles are involved, safety is always a paramount issue. Along with responsible operation, clear visibility is a key factor in avoiding accidents and injuries in the workplace. A skip loader provides a wider visibility field compared to other loaders.

Enhanced sight compared to larger front loaders.

Skip loaders can be operated outside the vehicle, allowing the operator a complete visual of their surroundings. This helps avoid the blind spots of heavy machinery, which goes a long way to avoiding accidents and injury.

Reduced risk of harm and increased efficiency and precision

One of the key benefits of skip loaders is that the operator doesn’t need to touch the load during the loading or unloading process. When preparing to load, the bin will be completely stationary and won’t need to be moved until the operator is clear. This allows them to focus on precision and performing their task rather than risking harm to themselves and others.

4. Attachment Variety

Part of what makes a skip loader a great investment is the range of attachments and devices available. Consider why you’re buying a skip loader; from this, you can determine the best attachments for your needs.

Range of tarping options.

Whatever your load, be it building equipment or waste, you’ll want something to cover and protect it from the elements. A wide range of tarping options are available, all designed specifically for Australian conditions. Each will be can be mechanically operated to cover your bin when necessary.

You can learn more about tarping system options here: How to Choose the Right Tarp System for Your Waste Truck.

Ability to customise equipment to specific working needs

Skip loaders can come with various accessories to improve your daily tasks. For example, most loads will benefit from covering to prevent spillage and protect from the elements. Various tarping systems are available and can be fitted to your vehicle. There is also a range of extended deck options for each loader.

5. Adaptation for Tasks

No two businesses are quite alike, and therefore, you may have some specific requirements in mind for your new machinery. Skip loaders can be customised and adapted to suit your needs.

Range of lift capacity and operating weights

Choosing the right lift capacity for your needs is essential when purchasing skip loaders. Luckily, loaders come in various sizes and can be adapted for specific needs. Consider the type of jobs you’ll most likely be carrying out, and it will help provide an idea of the weight capacity your skip loader requires.

Skip loaders provide a wide range of benefits to your business. Whether you’re in construction, waste management or landscaping, skip loaders provide a convenient, efficient and versatile means of transporting heavy loads. Available in various sizes, the right skip loader will benefit your business greatly.

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