When it comes to loading and moving rubbish, scrap metal, sand, soil, and so on, few vehicles offer the versatility and reliability of a skip loader. A stable piece of equipment in the construction, landscaping and waste management industries, a skip loader could be the ideal solution for all your earth-moving, debris and waste removal needs.

So, let’s take an in-depth look into these useful machines, including what a skip loader is, what some of the benefits are, and the range of designs available on the market.

What is a skip loader?

Green and white skip loader

A skip loader is a heavy-duty vehicle used in construction, demolition, and landscaping to remove and transport soil, waste, construction materials, and other materials. The vehicle provides an easy, safe solution for picking up, moving, and dropping off skip bins.

Components of a skip loader

A skip loader can have some or all the following components:

  • Arms. Used to lift skip bins on and off the flatbed. These are telescopic and will extend to assist with functions. It is also available with bi-fold arms for our DS-40 to help with tight spaces.
  • Controls. Used to operate the skip loader components, including the arms and legs. Many skip loaders now come with radio control as standard.
  • Cab. Where the operator drives and controls some of the features of the loader.
  • Tarping system. Designed to cover the skip and material within.
  • Stabiliser-Legs. These extend to help stabilise the truck when loading or removing the skip.
  • Tipping Hooks. Hook on to the bin’s base and allow the operator to tip.

What is a skip loader used for?

Skip loader trucks are essential pieces of machinery in many industries. They move heavy loads and skip containers. A great balance between large carrying capacity and versatility makes a skip loader a fantastic investment for a wide range of industries.

Construction and Demolition

Skip loaders are ideal for construction, especially when it comes to excavations and removing excess materials. During demolitions, a lot of debris is left behind, some of which can be heavy. A skip loader truck is the perfect solution to help clear the site.

Waste Management

Have you ever had a big clean-out and hired a skip bin for your site? The odds are the vehicle that brought and removed the skip was a skip loader truck. Whether it’s hiring out skips for commercial or residential use, removing larger items from building sites or taking care of rubbish removal needs at events, a skip loader truck can handle all your waste maintenance needs.


A skip loader is versatile enough to traverse different environments but heavy-duty enough to handle the conditions and the heavy loads. It has you covered for moving soil, green waste, building debris, or any other agricultural material.


Ideal for moving soil and green waste, a skip loader truck can quickly work out unwanted materials during a landscaping project—a simple means of removing all the waste in one go, even on the biggest jobs.

Other industries and applications

Any industry that frequently needs to move heavy loads of soil or debris can benefit from investing in a skip loader. Some of the most common materials skip loaders carry include:

  • Dirt, soil and earth
  • Asphalt
  • Building Debris
  • Gravel
  • Green Waste
  • General Waste

How a skip loader works

White skip loader truck

Skip loaders are designed to load, unload, carry and tip skip bins. Below is a basic rundown of how a skip loader works.

Once the operator of the skip loader has parked the vehicle and ensured it’s safe to continue, they will extend the stabiliser legs down to steady the truck without lifting it off the ground. Then, still using the controls, the operator will carefully bring the arms out and over from the truck until it is above the skip bin. The bin will then need to be connected to the arms using the attached chains.

If necessary, the telescopic arms can be extended. Once ready, the skip can be brought back onto the skip loader. Unloading is similar to this process except in reverse, the stabiliser legs retracted before the operator can drive the vehicle away.

Using the tipping hooks or tipping chains, you can tip the bin from your loader, providing a quick, easy way to empty the skip without having to unload it.

Benefits of a skip loader

What will a skip loader bring to your business, and why would it be a sound investment that helps productivity and efficiency? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


A skip loader is an ideal way to carry heavy loads of material. It is easy to drive, even through tighter places like suburban streets. Various models are available, with different weighing capacities and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the ideal fit for your business.

User friendly

Technology has come a long way, and skip loaders are more advanced and easy to operate than ever. Anyone with experience with heavy-duty trucks should be able to adapt and become a pro skip loader operator in no time.

Simple solution to removing debris

Skip loaders are an effective and simple way to move a large amount of material in one trip. Smaller options like trailers will require many more trips, while larger vehicles are more difficult and cumbersome to operate. With a skip loader, you simply drop off the skip bin, fill it up and then take it away.

Range of sizes for different jobs

There is a variety of different sizes of skip loaders, with different weight capacities and lifting strength. When choosing the right design of skip loader for you, it’s best to think about why you’re purchasing it and work backwards. For example, if you’re moving mostly green waste, you won’t need a vehicle as strong as a business that handles construction.

Need help finding the right skip loader for you?

Looking for more information on what skip loader trucks are for sale? At West-Trans, our team has the experience and knowledge to answer all of your skip loader questions. We can help you find the right skip loader with the right features, weight capacity, and technology to handle the tasks you need done. Get in touch today to chat with a member of our friendly team.