West-Trans Equipment recently hosted a demonstration day in Sydney to promote HMF Cranes’ Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system as part of its product range.

The demonstrations were attended by West-Trans’ customers from the road, rail and utility sectors, along with a number of national fleet operators visiting the company’s Mulgrave site in Sydney.

“The HMF EVS system is a dynamic electronic monitoring system that is sensitive to vehicle movement and adjusts the cranes lifting capacity as a result of continuous electronic feedback to the cranes computer,” said Jim Brough, HMF Sales Manager for NSW.

“Unlike other more passive systems being offered by some other crane manufacturers, HMF’s patented EVS will take into account any payload that may still be on the truck, which then acts as a counterweight, and consequently affected by where the stabiliser leg is positioned, and then adjusts the cranes capacity accordingly.

“The system is a solid state electronic box with no moving parts, resulting in fault free operation. Systems being offered by some other crane manufacturers rely on a large number of sensors that send a signal back to the electronic system using only predetermined crane lifting capacities, so other factors, as with HMF’s EVS, cannot take advantage of the many other variables that can allow a higher lifting capacity.”

According to West-Trans, the EVS holds significant appeal for government bodies to infrastructure development corporations that are required to operate their cranes on busy arterial routes. “Without the HMF EVS system, these businesses would be forced to interrupt traffic flow because the stabiliser legs would need to be fully extended. With HMF’s EVS system, this is no longer the case,” Brough added.

Launched in 2009 by Danish company HMF, the Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system has a full lifting capacity within a 360-degree working area.