Your vehicles and equipment need to meet the unique everyday needs of your business. West-Trans skip loaders are renowned for their durability and innovation and their custom design options and features.

Part of our commitment to taking customisation to the next level is offering extended deck options to cater to a broad spectrum of applications. Let’s dive into the versatile world of West-Trans skip loaders by exploring the range of extended deck designs and the scope of modifications available.

Tailoring for Specialised Applications

Each company has specific needs, and that’s why West-Trans skip loaders are tailored for versatility. Whether you work in construction, waste management or another industry, our extended deck options can be customised to suit your purposes.

With our customisation options, you and your staff will have a skip loader that provides efficiency, productivity and ease of use with every performance, whatever the load.

Construction-Focused Designs

Companies in the construction industry will need a truck with the functionality to move heavy materials like steel beams, timber, or construction debris. West-Trans offers extended deck options that enhance stability and support for your load.

These upgrades offer an extra secure platform for your vehicle, thereby increasing the performance of your new skip loader, making it an invaluable addition to your fleet. Your employees will be able to transport heavy materials and navigate the construction site with ease.

Waste Management Solutions

In waste management, efficiency is paramount both for overall productivity and customer satisfaction. By customising your West-Trans skip loader to include an extended deck, your vehicle can handle larger volumes of waste.

This means a more efficient performance in every job, cementing a strong reputation for productivity with your clients. The extended deck provides the necessary space and stability to streamline your waste collection and disposal operations.

The Process of Customisation

The key to designing the perfect skip loader for your workforce is a thorough understanding of your company’s specific needs.

West-Trans’s customisation process involves collaboration, precision, open communication and a commitment to crafting skip loaders that align with your operational requirements.

1. Consultation and Design

The first step of the customisation journey is a consultation between you and your West-Trans expert. This is where our teams work out the details with our customers.

Essential information such as load specifications, environmental considerations, and industry compliance are all carefully analysed when designing a skip loader to suit your specific business needs.

2. Analysing Load Specifications

Precision matters when it comes to vehicle bodies and their design. West-Trans engineers carefully consider load specifications and every detail, including weight distribution, size, and shape.

The reason behind this is to ensure your extended deck delivers the optimal support and stability during transport, meeting your needs and guaranteeing the safety of your staff.

3. Environmental Considerations

Whether you work in construction or waste management, you’re going to have to operate in some challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions from time to time.

West-Trans understands it won’t always be smooth sailing and addresses these environmental challenges during the design phase by crafting extended decks that will withstand the rigours of the Australian landscape.

4. Manufacturing Excellence

Once we’ve finalised a design that you’re happy with, West-Trans skip loaders with extended decks begin their manufacturing process. A focus on precision and quality defines this manufacturing.

West-Trans only creates skip loaders we’d be proud to own. The extended deck seamlessly fits into the skip loader’s structure, creating a robust unit ready to tackle any project in even the most demanding environment.

Radio Remote Control: An Optional Upgrade

Man wearing a high vis

Take control to the next level with the optional radio remote control feature, enhancing the maneuverability of West-Trans skip loaders, especially those equipped with extended decks.

1. Seamless Operation from a Distance

With oversized or heavy loads comes the potential for larger-scale accidents. The radio remote control option allows operators to cover and uncover loads from a safe distance.

This feature is especially advantageous for any project or environment where precision is crucial, as it provides a clear view of the loading and unloading process.

2. Improved Safety and Precision

Safety is the number one concern on any construction site or workplace. Whether you’re in a tight space or difficult terrain, a radio remote control allows precise navigation, reducing the risk of accidents for your employees or damage to your vehicle.

The automated operation provided by remote operations increases your workforce’s safety and precision in every project.

3. Extending Your Fleet’s Capabilities

Investing in West-Trans skip loaders with extended deck options goes beyond customisation; it’s a strategic move to extend your fleet’s capabilities and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Upgrades and accessories like the radio remote expand the possibilities of your fleet, potentially increasing efficiency and job opportunities.

4. Expanding Load Capacity

The major advantage of an extended deck is the increased load volume capacity. This translates into fewer trips, reduced fuel costs, increased productivity, and improved bottom-line efficiency.

West-Trans skip loaders have become a key asset in improving performance and services for your company.

5. Versatility for Various Industries

Every industry has its own specific requirements, and now your fleet can have a custom design to meet these needs. With extended deck options, West-Trans skip loaders offer a versatile solution adaptable to different job requirements, ensuring your fleet remains a valuable asset.

Choosing West-Trans for Your Customised Skip Loaders

Choosing West-Trans for your extended deck skip loaders isn’t just about machinery; it’s a commitment to quality, durability, and innovation.

Here’s why opting for West-Trans is the best strategic move for your business.

Australian-Made for Australian Conditions

West-Trans knows all about the challenges the Aussie landscape can throw up and takes pride in manufacturing skip loaders designed specifically for the rugged Australian environment.

Extended decks are crafted to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in the field.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With years of experience, West-Trans brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the customisation process. The engineering team understands the unique challenges of various industries, tailoring skip loaders that exceed expectations.

Whatever your needs, our team can help create the perfect skip loader for you.

Comprehensive Dealer Network

Looking to purchase a skip loader? West-Trans’ extensive network of reliable dealers across Australia makes accessing a customised skip loader easier than ever.

These authorised dealers prioritise quality and provide high-level customer care, ensuring you receive top-notch service.

Elevate Your Operations with Customised Efficiency

Being able to customise your skip loader can give your business a huge strategic advantage in a competitive market. West-Trans skip loaders with extended deck options and designs offer a tailored solution that goes beyond the standard, allowing your business to thrive in various industries.

From construction sites to waste management operations, the versatility and durability of West-Trans skip loaders make them a valuable asset for businesses seeking efficiency, reliability, and innovation in their operations.

Choose West-Trans Equipment to elevate your fleet’s capabilities and embrace a new level of customised efficiency in the trucking industry. Get in touch today to discuss modifications to your next skip loader!