CNC Cartage likes doing things the modern way, from using innovative fleet software systems to the latest in crane technology. It’s why the timber transporter now uses HMF cranes across its fleet.

Celebrating its 20th year of operation, Queensland-based CNC Cartage has built a solid reputation for transporting timber to building projects and hardware businesses from Gympie to Toowoomba and in to New South Wales. The family-owned company likes doing things efficiently and taking advantage of all latest in technological advancements. “We prefer not having any kind of paperwork to worry about,” emphasises Chad Brown, Director at CNC Cartage. “We want to be a business that uses the latest in technology, from smart phones, iPads to the equipment used on our trucks.”

According to Chad, CNC Cartage currently uses fleet management and mapping systems GeoOp and TomTom, which helps monitor where deliveries go, delivery times and driver locations during business hours. In fact, each driver is instructed to take photos of just about everything they encounter, including photos of the timber being picked up to it being deposited at the customer’s site, and pictures of the property, everything is captured and documented online and with good reason.

“Over the years, I’ve discovered that the most important thing in transport is proof of delivery and making sure we cover our backs, it’s all digitally logged,” he explains. “For instance, if a customer says we didn’t deliver on time or we damaged property, then we can double check our records on what went wrong or what we can improve, or confirm that our drivers had nothing to do with the issue. Having digital technology play an integral part of our business improves efficiencies, helps with invoicing and analysing service data. And it means our customers can have peace of mind knowing we are prepared to use innovative equipment to get the job done.”

CNC’s focus on technology is why two years ago Chad and his team started using HMF Cranes supplied by West-Trans Equipment in NSW. “We were in the midst of replacing older trucks with newer models, so we decided why not purchase some new cranes too,” he recalls. “Since then, West-Trans has supplied us with seven HMF cranes, including the most recent one last the HMF 1520 Crane Series.”

Chad says the cranes have been a hit with the drivers. “The HMF 1520 is equipped with a user-friendly speed control, which at the same time provides an increased lifting capacity,” he says. “This system is activated when the load moment of the crane approaches its maximum capacity and therefore optimises the drive’s ability to finely adjust the movements of the crane.

“The crane can also lift into tight areas, which is effective on many of our customer’s smaller yards. Up to now, we haven’t had any issues with the seven HMF cranes purchased including repairs and faults. In terms of it’s design setup, all hose connections on the cranes are tucked away and don’t impede the unit’s progress when it’s being used. We won’t use anything else to date.”

2016 also marks the 20th anniversary for CNC Cartage, a company Chad started when he was just a teenager coming out of high school. “I wanted to get into transport and ended up buying a truck and picking up and delivering timber to various building and construction projects,” he says. “Back then, I was very much on my own working very long hours with just the one truck and didn’t have a dedicated sales team to promote my brand. But I stayed with it because I enjoyed the job and doing my bit to help the timber industry.”

Now with the business set up, his own transport yard that houses up to 18 trucks fitted with mostly HMF cranes and a team of 22 drivers that includes sub-contractors, Chad can be forgiven for taking a step back and basking in the success of his accomplishments. But that would be an injustice to how far CNC Cartage has come.

“I know our identity as a business, and that’s being a specialised crane transporter of timber and also providing storage support for our customers too,” Chad says. “That’s why I like dealing with companies like West-Trans Equipment, since they treat our business well and the HMF Cranes they supply have given us great value return on costs, while meeting all OH&S guidelines.

“But more importantly, I like to move with the times and keep abreast of the latest trends in business and technology, and CNC Cartage is a reflection of that.”