As May draws to a close, the dust has settled on another bi-annual HVIA Brisbane Truck Show.  The show is held every two years in Brisbane, and is well supported by both industry and the city of Brisbane. A walk through the city is enough to know something is going on, with heavy vehicles scattered all over the city public spaces and South Bank precinct. Even the Brisbane River played host to one major truck brand’s product launch.

And for West-Trans Equipment and HMF Australia it was an opportunity to show case the release of the new range of RCS cranes from HMF. RCS or Radio Controlled Superior feature new high tech materials, most notably 960T grade steel in all major stress components, allowing materials to be down gauged, whilst at the same time being upgraded. To the casual observer, the new RCS cranes look every bit the traditional HMF crane, with its patented EQC corrosion resistant primer base coat, and HMF red powder coat finish, and hallmark Danish engineering and quality. However the increased operating pressures, and new high performance materials, extend even further, HMF’s market leading position as the lightest and strongest high quality truck mounted cranes on the market, anywhere in the world.

West-Trans Equipment and HMF showcased the 1920K3 and 2820K4 cranes (upgrades to the existing 1820K and 2120K models), and for contrast, its smallest and simplest cranes, the 2.7 tonne meter 270K knuckle boom. The 270K features no electronics, and simple valve control, giving the customer of a light weight, high quality crane ideal for service trucks and small work trucks. 

West-Trans Equipment also showed what is beneath the skin of its market leading West-Trans skip loaders and hook lifts, presenting a DS80 skip load, and an HL20 hook lift jib, and MXS150 skip loader arms, all in bare metal and clear coat.  Their craftsman’s mark out, weld and grind was visible, and even the steel mill identification was still visible on the noting to hide, examples of high quality, and durable Australian made components. 

The DS80 is the middle weight champion of the skip loader business across Australia, and with the West-Trans brand holding around 80% of the skip loader market, this industry favourite sees a lot of service, with enviable ruggedness and reliability. 

The HL20a Hook Lift jib, and MXS-150 skip loader arm, were there to show just how tough these things are. Covered with paint and mounted on a truck, it’s easy to miss just our solidly they are build, and exactly why West-Trans are the toughest on the market. 

To learn more about the new range of RCS HMF truck mounted cranes, or the ever popular West-Trans brand skip loader and hook lifts, visit or call 1300 877 411 and speak to West-Trans specialist for more information.

West-Trans, Built tough in Australia for more than 25 years.