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  • Never replace a bent or broken light mount again, with the chrome finished West-Trans supplied Flex-Mount. Sold in pair and available as an accessory to our crane and hook lift installations, and for direct sale, or bulk OEM purchase, they present well, and never need replacing.
    • Polished Aluminium
    • Clean efficient design
    • Slim fitting, taking up minimal space on the chassis rails.
    • The West-Trans brand name tells you it’s quality.
    West-Trans oil tanks are made in Italy from drawn aluminium, and then seam welded. They are built to West-Trans exacting specification for durability and toughness, and are an efficient square cross section shape. Available in 70L, 100L and 250L capacity, there is one for every mobile hydraulic application. Available with or without chassis mounting brackets. Replacement oil filters available separately Speak to a West-Trans sales professional today.
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